The specifications for this dream fretless bass took over 10 years to conceptualize. After trying many different wood and neck combinations and construction methods, I settled on an oak/walnut/ebony/ash combination. The woods are primarily based on Fodera’s Monarch Standard Fretless, but with the addition of a dense Northern Ash Tone block and a thick asymmetrical 28 fret position neck. I am very grateful to have worked closely with Vinny Fodera and the Fodera Team to make this a reality. Vinny has commented that he believes it may be the finest sounding fretless they have ever built. I sold several basses to get this one and I am glad I did!


Body Woods
• Crotch Walnut
• Walnut Body
• Dense Northern Ash Tone Block

Neck Woods
• Hand Selected Flame Ebony Fingerboard
• 3-pc. Extra Thick Asymmetrical Red Oak Neck

Construction Specs
• Bolt-on Construction
• 34″ Scale Length
• 5 String Configuration (17.5 mm Spacing), 1.75″ nut
• Fretless (28 positions)

Electronics Options
• Fodera Custom 3-band preamp
• Single Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickup in 70’s position. A pot allows panning between the 60’s and 70’s coils and allows mixing of each coil with the dual coil tone.
• Emperor Control Layout