Monthly Archives: August 2017

Inside Look at my YouTube Video Production

The two most common questions I get asked are “what effects do you use?” and “how do you record YouTube videos?” This article addresses those questions with a few different approaches. Equipment I use: Ditto Looper, Strymon Timeline, Strymon Big Sky, Strymon OBP-1, EHX Freeze, Apollo Twin Interface, Sony DSC RX-100 Camera, iMac, Logic Pro, Various plugins, Isotope Ozone 7,…

New Album ‘Hypnagogery’ is Released!

‘Hypnagogery’ is 14 Tracks and 46 Minutes of Solo Bass Guitar using all of my Fodera basses, Strymon effects, convolution reverbs, and more… Now on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Band Camp, etc..  All songs were written and played by Damian Coccio.            

Unplugged From Social Media

We owe it to ourselves to understand how social media affects our brains, our privacy and why it’s “free”. It is difficult to participate in good conscience when these platforms are causing users: Behavior Modification Addiction and Over Engagement Amplified Negativity Fragmented Attention Loss of Healthy Social Skills Psychological Problems Political, Racial and Ideological division Loss of Privacy Social media…