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“We listen to you every morning. Inspiring. Thank you.”       “Talent.”     “Amazing!”     “…the best solo bass albums…”    “It’s Beautiful”       “Your album is beautiful”       “Your music makes me feel happy and peaceful. These days I always listen to your tracks while work and everyone is happy and at home my wife listen always your cd”       “I love the album! When I downloaded it, I expected more fretless goodness and was pleasantly surprised. Dawn is my favorite track, but I love how you’ve challenged yourself to change things up a bit. Your music really speaks to me. It isn’t about 64th notes. It’s about finding a way to express your soul directly through your instrument. Thank you Damian for your calm creativity”      “your stuff has a classical guitar kind of feel to it, but with different tone colors and spectral range. I really like the dynamics, and use of space in your music. You don’t push it, you let the sound decide what it wants to be, on it’s own terms. Very, very good work”       “Un album imperdibile!”      “Its fantastic, lots of great musicianship, hooky melodies and rhythms, I’m on my 3rd listen… Well done!”      “your album is really fantastic! I’m very impressed. This is an album i can see myself listening to for enjoyment moving forward. I really liked the vibe of the compositions and also the tones on the album”        “I do love playing your music on my show!”…