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The Social Dilemma

Has the awareness of social media’s destructive potential finally hit mainstream awareness? I sure hope so. Maybe there is hope. PLEASE check it out and decide for yourself: I’ve been quite alamed by these developments for many years. Here are a couple blog posts on the subject for a quick overview:

Reflecting On A Year Off Social Media

Well over a year ago I deactivated my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The information about how Social Media was affecting its user’s had been available for some time and I couldn’t continue providing content for those platforms in good conscience. Initially the decision came with a bit of trepidation. As time passed the trepidation dissolved and the tight, uncomfortable…

Unplugged From Social Media

I have unplugged from social media indefinitely and have deactivated most of my social media accounts.  I am always working on new music and there’s many videos on YouTube, music on iTunes, Bandcamp, and even a new album!   I will be returning emails sent to my contact page (join my mailing list there for updates).  A big thank you…

Unplugged From Social Media

We owe it to ourselves to understand how social media affects our brains, our privacy and why it’s “free”. It is difficult to participate in good conscience when these platforms are causing users: Behavior Modification Addiction and Over Engagement Amplified Negativity Fragmented Attention Loss of Healthy Social Skills Psychological Problems Political, Racial and Ideological division Loss of Privacy Social media…