New Solo Bass Album is Released!

This Strange Life is 10 solo bass compositions recorded with 5 string fretted and 4,5,6 string fretless basses. Creative live looping (no multi-tracking) and tastefully chosen effects provide an expansive, natural sound field that is sure to inspire and relax. This Strange Life is available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Pandemic + Social Media = Division

Social Media use has accelerated during the pandemic and it is helping to tear the fabric of society apart. News feed algorithms have created massive division by tailoring user experience for maximum engagement, outrage, addiction and revenue. I highly recommend checking out the Center for Humane Technology. They are a highly intelligent group of folks from Silicon Valley that are…

Social Media Brain

The Social Dilemma

Has the awareness of social media’s destructive potential finally hit mainstream awareness? I sure hope so. Maybe there is hope. PLEASE check it out and decide for yourself: I’ve been quite alamed by these developments for many years. Here are a couple blog posts on the subject for a quick overview:

Peace Project

It’s a difficult time but we are all in this together. I wanted to share an album (at no cost) that some friends have told me helps them with relaxation and sleep. I hope you enjoy it and it helps to bring you some peace:

Reflecting On A Year Off Social Media

Well over a year ago I deactivated my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The information about how Social Media was affecting its user’s had been available for some time and I couldn’t continue providing content for those platforms in good conscience. Initially the decision came with a bit of trepidation. As time passed the trepidation dissolved and the tight, uncomfortable…